No Saviors, No Prisons:
Sex Workers Speak!


Saturday, April 15
4:30 - 8 PM

In-person: Houston, TX
Virtual: Live-Streaming and Recorded

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What to Expect

  • Panel Discussion
  • Community Tabling
  • Fun Activities
  • Potluck

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Social Work’s relationship with people in the sex trades overwhelmingly endangers, incarcerates, and controls those it claims to support. The profession routinely neglects the perspectives of sex workers, leading to practices that violate its ethical standards of social justice, self-determination, and the dignity and worth of the person.

No Saviors, No Prisons: Sex Workers Speak! urges us to commit to liberatory work by and with people in the sex trades as part of the larger abolitionist movement.

Social workers must challenge anti-sex work laws and practices that further the state's criminalization of BIPOC, trans, queer, immigrant, and houseless folks. Likewise, sex worker advocates must center our work in the abolitionist struggle to upend white supremacy, capitalism, cispatriarchy, and imperialism.

💛 Together, we can build a world rooted in care, not punishment 💛

Join us to challenge carceral practices and imagine social work that strives alongside sex workers toward liberation!


🐶 Emi Koyama

Emi Koyama is a multi-issue social justice activist and writer synthesizing feminist, Asian, survivor, dyke, queer, sex worker, intersex, genderqueer, and crip politics, as these factors, while not a complete descriptor of who she is, all impacted her life.

Emi is currently the Coordinatrix of the Coalition for Rights & Safety for People in the Sex Trade ( and a co-founder of Aileen’s, a peer-led community organizing and hospitality space for women working along the Pac Highway in south King County, Washington.

Emi and Adrie.jpg
Emi wears a penguin hat while holding her chihuahua, Adrie
Christen coco.jpg
Christen poses glamorously in an extravagant, sparkly blue gown with matching gloves

✨ Christen coco Valentine

Christen coco Valentine (she/her) is originally from Detroit, Michigan but resides in Houston, Texas.

I am an entrepreneur. I also work in a nonprofit by helping trans people get health insurance and other things that they need. I am an activist for my community. I am your sister, I am your mother, I am your friend. I am your ear to talk to. I am a living example of overcoming adversity and making the best out of nothing.

🌻 Nina Mayers

Nina Mayers (they/them) is a Black queer sex worker advocate and proud protector of their communities.

They are the founder of Houston Community Fridges and a previous core organizer of Harm Reduction HTX.

Nina engages in community organizing that prioritizes autonomy, the livelihoods of marginalized peoples, and above all, upholding love.

Nina is among community and smiles big at the camera
Black and white photo of Rusty looking sideways towards the camera

🦋 Rusty

Rusty H is a Two Spirit community organizer and founder of Harm Redux Houston, a sex worker-run harm reduction and mutual aid group that prioritizes services for BIPOC sex workers and Black trans women.

Organized and moderated by Jessica Zeigler (she/her):

Cat devotee, community organizer, and MSW student at the UH GCSW.


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